Seed App Reviews

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Nurse Practitioner

Seed is such a wonderful app! I was looking for something simple and user-friendly to help me be more conscious of my menstrual cycle and am so pleased with this app--not only is it very visually appealing, the tracker section provides such a great visual for fertility/period, and allows for a record of symptoms each day. The recipes are great and the staff so helpful. They provide contact info for any issues and are timely with all communication.


DO NOT BUY.. (IF)you are looking for an app you can input information that will help you track fertility and anything along the lines of TTC. It's defiantly not worth the money. Won't let you enter things like OPK and PT. It's basically an app that tells you the foods to eat and that's about it. The only thing you can really enter is when you had sex and when you got your period. You can't even customize the backdrops or colors to make it feel more like your own.. 🙄 100% annoyed with this thing. Total waste of money!! #DELETED

Cute but not practical

This app is cute I love the idea of it, however it lacks the ability to edit your own cycle. You cannot input information such as your normal cycle length or your ovulation days. If your trying to conceive this is definitely not the app for you.


This app is simply amazing! It has everything I could ask for! It's visually appealing, easy to use and great content!

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